Friday, January 27, 2012

Brief Profile: Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar

Jumbo Editorial Team

Senator Nilofar Bakhtiar has had the reputation of making her presence felt in a big way with her proactive approach. She was already famous due to her social sector engagements prior to entering politics. She has been working tirelessly toward improving women's social status, as well as devoting her energies in areas of health and education.

She was Federal Minister for Tourism in Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz's cabinet. During her tenure she had come up with the revolutionary idea of ‘Visit Pakistan Year’ in order to promote tourism on a massive scale but the project was shelved soon after her resignation in 2007. She has been a member of the Senate since 2006. She continues to serves on the board of numerous educational and civic bodies.

She attended Presentation Convent Girls High School in Rawalpindi before doing Bachelor of Arts from the Punjab University and a Masters in Public Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

She joined the Pakistan Muslim League in 1990. She has headed the party’s Women's Wing besides being a member of the Central Working Committee since 1996. She was also elected to the top slot of District Governor of the Lions Club International, the famous social service organization.

Senator Nilofar Bakhtiar has inherited the passion to serve the society, having got involved in social work right from childhood. Her mother, Begum Ali Malik, was a renowned social worker and was also the founder and chairperson of The National Committee for the Repatriation of POWs after the 1971 war.

Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar on Jumbo Karachi Guide

Jumbo Editorial Team

"Tourism in Pakistan, with its diverse cultures, people and landscapes, has tremendous potential. The country's attraction range from several mountain peaks over 7000 metres to the wonderful beaches in Karachi.”

“It’s very heartening to know that a guide book of Karachi, providing details such as phone numbers, addresses, and reviews of hotels, restaurants, places of interest and many other activities, is set to make its debut. The historical and cultural information is also provided which adds value to the book."

“I can imagine how arduous the task of compilation of such a guide book would be. I extend my heartiest congratulations to the whole team for having done such a wonderful job against heavy odds and look forward to many more such publications in future.”

Brief Profile: Nasreen Haque

Jumbo Editorial Team

Nasreen Haque, the first lady to head the premier port of Pakistan, was the Chairperson of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) until recently. She also had the privilege being first lady to head a Railway Division and later the first lady to control the Railways operational and commercial Management over Pakistan as the Chief Operating Superintendent and the Chief Commercial Manager.

As the Chief Executive of the Karachi Port, handling over 60% of Pakistan’s maritime trade, she aggressively pursued an agenda focused on responsible port growth and expansion of capital development programs to accommodate the port’s future growth as a gateway to Pakistan and Central Asia and national economic engine.

Prior to her appointment with the Karachi Port she served as the Managing Director of the Karachi Urban Transport Corporation (KUTC) where she was instrumental in finalizing the first rail based Mass Transit System in Karachi, the commercial capital of Pakistan.

Nasreen Haque belongs to the elite civil service of the government of Pakistan having a creditable service record spanning over 35 years. She has specialized in mass transportation, particularly Railways and maritime transport, and international trade affairs.

She was also associated with Port Qasim, the second largest port of Pakistan and served as the Secretary of its managing agency, Port Qasim Authority. A proud alumna of St Josephs College for Women, she obtained her degree in Law and post graduation in Transport Studies.

Nasreen Haque on Jumbo Karachi Guide

Jumbo Editorial Team

“Being a frequent traveler I have often come across many city guides abroad but sadly this has been missing in Pakistan for a long time. This initiative of Jumbo Infomedia will certainly be helpful in filling the vacuum. Hopefully we will get to read its updated versions in future as well.”

“It’s really gladdening to note that the guide book of Karachi is being compiled under the supervision of Abdul Qadir Qureshi, who has had an illustrious record as working journalist for the last many years.”

“Karachi, a truly vibrant metropolis with rich culture and history, certainly needs publications like these to highlight its soft image. Jumbo Karachi Guide, containing information on literally every conceivable subject of general interest, could be a greatly helpful tool for the tourists as well as the prospective investors.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jumbo Karachi Guide features city’s top festivals

Jumbo Editorial Team

Five of the top annual events being held in the city, My Karachi, Hamara Karachi Festival, Karachi Fashion Week, Karachi International Book Fair and Karachi Literature Festival, have been featured in the inaugural issue of Jumbo Karachi Guide.

Published by Jumbo Infomedia, it’s acclaimed as Karachi’s first-ever comprehensive travel guide. The paperback is spread over 148 pages of A-5 size and the entire book is printed in four-colour.

“There are quite a other popular events and festivals being organized in Karachi but only those having ‘Karachi’ as a part of its nomenclature were selected to be covered in the first edition of Jumbo Karachi Guide,” Chief Editor, Abdul Qadir Qureshi, revealed.

“The quintet of My Karachi, Hamara Karachi Festival, Karachi Fashion Week, Karachi International Book Fair and Karachi Literature Festival met this criterion hence we have thrown light on them. In the future editions of Jumbo Karachi Guide we do have a plan to include the other prominent events taking place in the metropolis,” he added.

Jumbo Karachi Guide, priced Pak Rs 600, is available at the leading bookstores and superstores while orders can also be placed directly at the office of Jumbo Infomedia.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brief Profile: Vaneeza Ahmad

Jumbo Editorial Team

Vaneeza Ahmad Ali, nicknamed Vinny, is one of the icons in the fashion industry. She has been acclaimed as the most famous and sought-after female model and celebrity in Pakistan.

She has also conjured a brand name Vlawn for her range of lawn and the branding created hype among the fashion conscious public. Initially the collection consisted of nine different lawn prints created by some of the leading designers. She has continued to make waves with her Vlawn brand of women's lawn suits.

Vaneeza was born in Murree on June 29, 1971, but later moved to Germany with her parents upon whose wishes she returned to Pakistan in 1989 and attended Kinnaird College in Lahore from where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

She had started to model casually during her stay at college as she was then not enthusiastic about having modelling as a career option although she was being showered with offers from various fashion designers, some of which were notable in the Pakistani fashion industry.

Once she moved into the industry there has been no looking back for her, having ruled it for a decade and a half. She made her acting debut in Jamal Shah’s Kal and has since acted in Marina Khan's Tum Hi Tau Ho, Janey Anjaney and Tum Say Mil Ker; Armaan; and Talaash. The most famous role to have come her way was that of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia in Jamil Dehlavi's 1998 biopic of the leader titled Jinnah.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vaneeza Ahmad on Jumbo Karachi Guide

Jumbo Editorial Team

"I am thrilled that Karachi will now also be having a guidebook of its own, showcasing the premier events like the much talked about Karachi Fashion Week, besides putting together wealth of information of general interest.”

“Jumbo Karachi Guide will surely be helpful in facilitating the entrepreneurs in particular but it indeed has utility for everyone on the move. Having so much information at our fingertips certainly puts us at an advantage.”

“We may be in a nascent stage in many fields but thankfully we have the right ingredients to get there. As a nation we need to be more open and practical. We are blessed with immense talent and it’s just a matter of time to get things in order to lead the turnaround. Good luck Jumbo!"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Brief Profile: Aziz Memon

Jumbo Editorial Team

Aziz Memon, a famed entrepreneur and an acclaimed social worker, has made the country proud with his accomplishments. Last year he was conferred the prestigious Pride of Performance award in recognition of his outstanding and exceptional contribution in the field of public service for a number of decades.

It’s another feather in the cap of Aziz Memon whose contribution in humanitarian and community services has been legendary. He has been the recipient of the Rotary International’s highest award ‘Service Above Self’ as well as the coveted award of Leader of the Leaders.

He was the District Governor of Rotary International for Pakistan and Afghanistan in the year 2007-08. He is currently heading the Polio Committee in Pakistan. He has also been Chairman of the Cutchi Memon Markazi Jamat.

He is acclaimed as a role model in the field of industry and commerce. He is Chairman of the Kings Group, a conglomerate of eight companies, with the core business being manufacturing and exporting knitted garments to the European and USA markets. He is Honorary Consul General, Republic of Suriname, besides being Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Karachi Garment City, a project of Ministry of Textiles, Government of Pakistan.

He holds the honour of being the Founder President of Pakistan Japan Business Forum, President of Pakistan Italy Business Forum, Former Director Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and senior member of Pakistan German Business forum. He has been Chairman of Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

Aziz Memon on Jumbo Karachi Guide

Jumbo Editorial Team

“It’s quite an accomplishment having first conceived the idea and then more significantly put the pieces together to bring out this worthiest of publication. It involved a lot of research and legwork besides persistence as it didn’t take months but a few years to produce this wonderfully compiled guide containing a wealth of information in a matter of little over 100 pages.”

“I have personally known the compilers as well as the publishers of this handy publication. They had undertaken a gigantic task, considering the lack of availability of updated information on various subjects they were working on.”

“They kept me posted about their progress or the lack of it and I facilitated them as much as I could. It went to their credit not to have given up the project in frustration because of the countless hassles and hurdles that came their way. I am really delighted that they have managed to do it finally after so many hiccups.”

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brief Profile: Engr Z A Nizami

Jumbo Editorial Team

Engr Z A Nizami is acclaimed as one of the leading educationists of the country, having immortalized himself by establishing the Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET), Karachi.

He is the Founding Chancellor of the SSUET besides being the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Aligarh University of Technology, Karachi, and the President of the Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association of Pakistan.

He had earlier been the Director General of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), Additional Secretary, Government of Pakistan, and Advisor/Consultant to the World Bank.

He has attended numerous international seminars and conferences in USA, England, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, India, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Kenya and Tanzania. He has made specialized study of housing projects in USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy and Malaysia.

Engr Z A Nizami, having graduated in first division in civil engineering from the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, in 1951, has many research publications to his credit on the subjects of housing, resettlement of squatters, environmental planning and control, transportation problems of mega cities and water supply and sewage projects.

Engr Z A Nizami on Jumbo Karachi Guide

Jumbo Editorial Team

“I am delighted that the Jumbo Karachi Guide has finally arrived. The concept was discussed with me when the project was in planning stage. I have had no doubts whatsoever in my mind that it would become a success story right away because of its contents and their utility.”

“I think it’s a great idea to put together the pieces of information that are so handy and useful. People are always curious to know about the history of the place where they live or visit. Jumbo Karachi Guide has many outstanding features and we take pride in soliciting our support to this wonderful book.”

"It may have taken the authors a very long time to carry out the research and compile the resource material but now they should not encounter much problems in bringing out its future editions as they would just be needed to update the information."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Jumbo Infomedia

Jumbo Editorial Team

2011 has come to end making the way for the dawn of 2012. The management and staff of Jumbo Infomedia take this opportunity of wishing all our valued clients, customers, patrons, supporters and well-wishers a very Happy New Year.

Let’s welcome 2012 with a smile. Let’s make resolutions to bring about positive changes in our lives and let’s contribute our bit in making the world a better place to live.

Here are some inspirational quotes for the occasion:

“New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, New is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u. Have a promising and fulfilling new year.”

"Happiness keeps you sweet, trials make you strong, sorrows make you humble, success keeps you glowing & God keeps you going. May you have a wishful year."

"Keep the smile, Leave the tear, Hold the laugh, Leave the pain, Think of joy, Forget the fear, Be joyous, coz Its new year! Happy new year!"

"May this new year bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life. May your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements."

"May you always keep in your heart the Special beauty and cheer of Happy New Year."