Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Adab-o-Kutub Khana’s two editions published in 2018

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Adab-o-Kutub Khana, the flagship annual publication of Bazm-e-Akram, a literary and social forum of the library scientists, named after Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari, has moved a step ahead by having a couple of editions during the calendar year of 2018.

The 10th edition of Adab-o-Kutub Khana, brought out on the eve its due date of publication in January 2018, has been followed by its11th edition within a span of a few months. 

The Chief Editor of Adab-o-Kutub Khana, Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, one of the most revered personalities to have emerged from the arena of library and information science, now has to take the decision whether to make the publication biannual or revert to its annual periodicity. 

Having worked with missionary zeal over the years to strengthen and expand the forum of Bazm-e-Akram besides improving and regularizing its flagship publication, she faces another arduous task of making the tough call. 

While the former Chairperson of the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Karachi has been extremely successful in motivating the library professionals, otherwise infamous for not looking beyond their own nose, in writing and contributing for Adab-o-Kutub Khana, there are some other challenges to be met before she could decide its periodicity in future. 

Her perseverance and inspiration have resulted in the generation of high quality content in abundance for Adab-o-Kutub Khana but the final decision in this regard could be hinged to the other resources. 

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima deserves to be complimented to have kept Bazm-e-Akram and Adab-o-Kutub Khana afloat despite the heaviest of odds. She had revived Adab-o-Kutub Khana in 2011 and it has been published every year since then. 

Adab-o-Kutub Khana-11, despite being published within months of the previous edition, contains most of its usual ingredients of prose, fiction and poetry.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Arif Habib shares recipe for Pakistan’s economic revival at ESUP

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Arif Habib, one of the top entrepreneurs of the country, shared the recipe for the revival of Pakistan’s economy is keynote address at a gathering of the English Speaking Union of Pakistan (ESUP) held at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, on October 23.

Aziz Memon, President, ESUP, formally introduced Arif Habib before the latter came up with a detailed presentation of the ailing economy and the proposed corrective measures to put it back on track.  

While Arif Habib’s thought-provoking points captivated the audience, which also included foreign diplomats, for more than an hour, the question-answer session was equally enlightening as the relevant queries were replied in detail by the chief guest of the evening. 

Arif Habib emphasized on declaring ‘export emergency’ in the country in an effort to boost the foreign exchange reserves, advising the government to take the necessary steps on a war footing. 

He also threw light on the benefits of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which he felt could be the game changer for the economy of Pakistan.

At the end of his speech, Arif Habib was presented a graceful plaque by the ESUP President, Aziz Memon, who himself moderated the question-answer session. 

The proceedings were conducted by the ESUP Secretary General, Majyd Aziz, while the vote of thanks was presented by the ESUP Vice President, Tariq Ikram, a former Chairman of the then Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), later renamed as the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP).

Monday, October 15, 2018

Media section highlights college magazine Viqar-un-Nisa

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The Government Viqar-un-Nisa Post Graduate College for Women in Rawalpindi has demonstrated its proactive approach by keeping pace with the times as it has been maintaining its Twitter and Facebook pages, showcasing its activities on a regular basis. 

The recently published annual magazine of the college titled ‘Viqar-un-Nisa’ has a segment by the name of ‘Media Section’ which documents the press clippings as well as the pictures of the various events organized by them during the period under review. 

In fact the Government Viqar-un-Nisa Post Graduate College for Women also has in place an entity by the name of The Media Club, which is a healthy sign reflecting the desire to share their activities not only with their own students but also communicate it to the education fraternity worldwide. 

The coverage of their college events in leading television channels and eminent newspapers of the country seems to be the result of consistent hard work and sound planning on part of their authorities for which they deserve accolades.

The college Principal, Prof Dr Saira Mufti, and the Incharge College Magazine, Prof Dr Huma Zafar, alongwith their entire team, deserve to be complimented for having brought out the latest issue of ‘Viqar-un-Nisa’ which has also been distributed to the relevant circles including media. 

Like any other high-quality college magazine, ‘Viqar-un-Nisa’ is also studded with contents which are interesting as well as informative.. The editorial boards of Urdu and English must have worked industriously to put together such a wonderful publication. 

There are all kinds of ingredients and flavours with pieces of serious literature as well as articles of humour and satire. There are short stories besides research articles, essays, interviews, quotations, historical facts, poetry, fiction and so many other things. 

The publication of ‘Viqar-un-Nisa’ justifies the mission statement of the college in letter and spirit. 

“At Government Postgraduate Viqar-un-Nisa College for Women we help and encourage the students to nurture her talents and overcome shortcomings by providing appropriate, curricular and extra-curricular education, which enables the student to develop her personality and equips her to face the challenges of life. The future is in the hand of these daughters who in the long run have to rear families.” 

Indeed the role of an educational institution today is beyond pursuing academic excellence and it are the colleges like this one which truly motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

PLISJ completes 49 years of publication

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By bringing out the October-December 2018 issue (Volume 49, Number 4), the Pakistan Library and Information Science Journal (PLISJ), a quarterly publication of the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB), Karachi, has successfully completed 49 years of its journey.

The PLISJ, over the years, has earned recognition as being one of the leading research journals of the country which has also been hailed abroad by the library professionals. 

The LPB, a non-governmental body of library scientists, has lived up to its tradition of bringing out the PLISJ in time and the latest issue has also arrived well before time. 

Although the office of the bureau has been moved from Federal-B-Area to KDA Scheme 33 during the last quarter, there was no delay in the publication of the journal's latest issue which seemed quite remarkable. 

The PLISJ Chief Editor, Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari, who is also the Founder President of the LPB, and the Deputy Chief Editor, Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, have continued working with their trademark passion and zeal to keep afloat both the entities despite facing numerous challenges. 

The October-December 2018 issue of the PLISJ remains to be rich in content, with the graceful title making it more attractive. As in the past issues, there are contributions from eminent library scientists and scholars from different parts of the country as well as abroad between the covers.

Monday, September 24, 2018

President Arif Alvi inaugurates Polio NIDs

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The President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, and the Federal Health Minister, Aamer Mehmood Kiani, inaugurated the Polio NIDs in Islamabad on September 24.

The Director General, Health, Chaudhary Mushtaq, welcomed the President of Pakistan and thanked him for taking out time for this noble cause. 

The Emergency Operations Centre for Polio Eradication (EOCPE), National Coordinator, Rana Mohammad Safdar, was also present on the occasion alongwith the functionaries of the various partnering organizations. 

Aziz Memon, Chair, Pakistan Polio Plus Committee, expressed the hope that the newly elected government will remain proactive in eliminating the deadly disease. 

Pakistan has now started its final push towards the interruption of the poliovirus with the first nationwide door-to-door vaccination campaign of the 2018-19 low transmission season in all districts other than Sheikhupura and Orakzai. The vaccinations in those two areas was due to start a day later, as an urs will be held in Sheikhupura and a procession is scheduled in Orakzai for September 24.

The campaign, according to the authorities, fully synchronised with Afghanistan to ensure effective vaccination of mobile children as well. 

The vaccination programme targets 38.6 million children under the age of five, including approximately 19.2m in Punjab, 8.9m in Sindh, 6.8m in KP (including the tribal districts), 2.5m in Balochistan, 700,000 in Azad Kashmir, 237,000 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 330,000 in Islamabad. 

It will be spread over three days, plus one or two days for catch-up work, and five days plus two catch-up days in core reservoir areas. 

Vitamin A supplement is also being administered to around 35m children aged between six and 59 months during this campaign along with the OPV, aimed at boosting immunity against all infection diseases including measles. 

A total of 260,000 personnel are participating in the campaign across the country which includes 26,169 area in-charges, 7,958 union council medical officers and 190,950 mobile, 10,271 fixed and 11,998 transit team members. The EOCPE has also declared having deployed 40 experts to facilitate preparedness by local teams in priority areas.

Meanwhile, according to a newspaper report published on September 23, Poliovirus that originated in the Northern Corridor in Afghanistan’s cities of Kandahar and Helmand, has been detected in various Pakistani cities including Rawalpindi. 

The EOCPE National Coordinator was quoted as saying the virus had been detected in Peshawar and other cities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. 

“This shows that there is a threat because of the virus, which is travelling with people from Afghanistan to Pakistan, so we need to ensure our children’s immunity level is high to keep them safe from the virus,” he stated. 

A total of 14 cases have been reported near the border in Afghanistan, as polio vaccination campaigns cannot be held in some provinces for security reasons. The area where the poliovirus originated can be detected through DNA testing.  

“Three cases have been reported from Balochistan, but all three were reported from one district and two adjacent union councils. Such cases are considered a single case, as the same virus attacks the children. The fourth poliovirus case was detected in Charsadda in an 18-month-old child. Although the child was affected by polio, he was not paralysed because he not only received all the doses in the routine immunisation but also in door-to-door campaigns,” Dr Safdar explained adding that the children have to be vaccinated as long as the virus exists to keep their immunity levels high. .

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Aziz Memon calls on Federal Health Minister

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 Aziz Memon, Chair of the Pakistan Polio Plus Committee, and a member of International Polio Plus Committee, called on the Federal Minister for National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, Aamir Mehmood Kiani, in Islamabad on September 19.

Dr Salman Ahmed, a famous singer and activist, and Dr Asad Hafeez, Director General, Health, Government of Pakistan, were also present in the meeting. 

The meeting was described as productive as the Federal Minister expressed his eagerness to keep pace with the momentum of progress Pakistan has made so far on polio. 

Aziz Memon emphasized the need to improve Routine Immunization in Tier 3 and 4 as well as monitoring and surveillance as positive samples have been identified in Islamabad (ICT & CDA) and Rawalpindi.

He also informed that positive environmental samples continue to surface in Karachi’s Machhar colony and Gadap which was an alarming situation and the need to improve conditions of hygiene and sanitation was mandatory. 

“The border areas are sensitive and it is crucial that every child is vaccinated due to the influx in transient population from Afghanistan. The cold chain management in Balochistan and Sindh needs attention,” Aziz Memon remarked. 

He revealed that Rotary International has contributed US$1.8 billion since 1985 and more than US$200 million in Pakistan alone, to achieve polio eradication. This year alone Rotary announced US$96.5 million worldwide, inclusive of US$ 21.7 million for Pakistan.

He continued, to say that ‘’it would be a credit for this government when polio is eradicated during your tenure.” 

He also spoke on the appointment of a Prime Minister’s Focal Person to lead the programme. 

Aziz Memon emphasized, that the Focal Person must be close to the Prime Minister and plays a positive role and in addition he also urged the Minister to hold a PM Task Force meeting to keep an eye on urgent and important matters. 

He inquired the Federal Health Minister if polio was in the Government’s 100-day agenda to which the Minister reassured and replied ‘it is on top of our agenda. 

At the end the National Chair requested the Federal Health Minister to advise the Prime Minister to inaugurate the September NIDs in Islamabad and the President to inaugurate in Rawalpindi, and the four Chief Ministers to inaugurate the NIDs in their respective provinces.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Devika’s Mind Game deemed a perfect guide for self improvement

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Versatility is the name of the game for the Hyderabad-based Devika Das who has hit the headlines once more with her third book ‘The Mind Game’ having received critical acclaim on Amazon. She has also authored '7 Vows of Marriage' and 'Reminiscence'.  

Having master’s degree in business administration, Devika is a prolific writer who has already authored three books. She is also into acting, having participated in various plays staged by Sarthak Theatre Group, Jaipur, and helped them in other voluntary activities. 

Quite remarkably besides having gained an experience of over five years in content writing she also experimented with different roles such as Administration Management, HR Management, Logistics, and Financial Sales, prior to selecting writing as her prime profession. 

With the standout qualities of willingness to learn, diligence, attention to detail, and translating ideas into words quickly, Devika helps organizations increase growth and revenue through concerted efforts in content marketing. 

The Mind Game, published by Blue Rose Publishers, New Delhi, has been acclaimed as a motivational book which could be a source of inspiration for people of all ages.

It is a kind of self-improvement guide that talks about how to manage emotions wisely, and lead a powerful, but stress free life.

Devika has been lauded quite emphatically for producing such a wonderful book that has earned five stars from some of the learned reviewers. 

“It is a brilliant piece of work! Devika Das was able to take an everyday subject which is generally taken for granted by us and turn it into a compelling read. I definitely recommend 'The Mind Game' for all, and especially for the participants in my workshops,” Aditya Sisodia, Co-founder, Recruit Wheels, was quoted as saying. 

"Devika really writes things from a practical point of view. She is one of the most evolved women I have met who thinks of life deeply. We all are following the heard, without questioning the reasons to what we do and why we do. She finds the right answers. Devika's writings always give you a sense of freedom while reading. This is one amazing book I have read,” Sahiba Sethi, Founder, Hello Meets, noted. 

The Mind Game authored by Devika Das is one book that’s being recommended for everyone seeking improvement in his or her life.